Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cricut Came To Town & I'm Not Talking About Jiminy ; )

Hey Bloggers...something was delivered today that just made me smile. I mentioned that I had been home this week with my daughter who has been sick..well she is feeling better but "shared" her cold/flu bug with me...ugh. But what came today put a smile on my face and almost brought a tear to my eye ~which could also be a symptom of the bug I have~but I digress.

Wanna see what I found on my front porch today????

Oh yea...come are smiling too right now aren't you ; ) I wanted to do an "out of the box" video but since I am sick and sound like a bullfrog..I decided to just do some pictures and post them like usual.

The box says it all : )

Ahh..the smell of new toys..err necessary scrapbooking tools..yeah that's it...well if I wasn't stuffed up I could smell it but you know what I mean : )

Here she is...all shiny and new just waiting for me to plug her in and scrap away!!

Here are all the goodies that came with this amazing machine

A better shot of the front of the Cricut. This was on HSN's Crafting show on Monday. It came with 2 pre-loaded cartridges AND 2 additional ones that are new...I was super jazzed by this since the cartridges alone are pretty pricey and these came with it at no extra cost...woo hoo!!!!

These are the two cartridges that came pre-loaded with the machine. There are just hundreds of images and letter choices in just these two alone.

This is one of the bonus cartridges that came with the order, Art Noveau...I can't wait use this one and play around with the amazing images. Just looking at the back alone gave me some scrappy ideas : )

And here's the second bonus cartridge, Spring Fever Holiday. The packaging says this one includes images from a variety of other cartridges so this one will be fun to play with as well. Sorry about the glare btw.

I didn't unpack all of the cardboard from the inside yet...I wanted to wait until I had it downstairs in my scrapbook room.

See those 3 silicone covers? I wasn't sure at first what they were for since I hadn't actually looked at the backside of the Cricut yet.

Once I looked at the back I was oh duh...these are covers for the different ports on the snickering now...remember I am sick ; )

Even though my birthday isn't until hubby bought this for me a as an early b/day present. The bad thing is that I haven't plugged it in yet to try it out since I don't feel well but the good thing is that since my b/day is over a month away...Steve might forget he bought this as my "present" and I might get something : )

Well, thanks for letting me share my excitement of my new Cricut Expression 2 with all of you. I can't wait to use it and show you all of the scrappy creations I come up with.

Oh...and don't forget to keep your eyes out for the new Perfect Sentiment Challenge Blog that is coming next sure to check back for more details on that.

I am off to NyQuil la la land so I will see you all tomorrow for another scrappy post : )

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stars & Cars

Hey Friends...sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. My daughter has been home sick from school since Tuesday and I have been busy taking care of her and working on some other scrappy projects in between that I will post about later : )

It probably seems like I have been making nothing but paper flowers recently but today's post showcases the last one from the order I had from my co-worker. This one was for her twin grandsons room which they are re-deocrating in stars, cars etc in red and blue. This was a challenge as I didn't want to make this look like a 4th of July or Americana project too much since it's for a kids room.

I have to say that this bucket of Stars & Cars was a bit of a challenge for me as this isn't normally what I make or my style so much but I thought overall it turned out pretty cute.

Don't forget about the upcoming launch of The Perfect Sentiment Challenge Blog next week. I will of course be promoting this new amazing blog daily until it is "live".

I am expecting a delivery this Friday~I may or may not have been tracking this package daily~and I can't wait to share with all of you what it is but you will have to wait until I get it so I can share the photos with all of you.

Well...I need to take care of some things before I head to bed so I better sign off for now.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some more scrappy posts : )

Monday, September 26, 2011

Woo Hoo...I made it on The Perfect Sentiment DT!!!

Hey Everyone...I have some super exciting news to share with all of you. I have been given the extreme honor to be on the Design Team for The Perfect Sentiment Challenge Blog!!!

Here is my DT Badge which I will proudly display here on my blog : )

I am truly honored that I was selected to be on this DT with some VERY creative and talented ladies. I cannot wait to get started and work with some other "lovers of paper".

The Perfect Sentiments Challenge Blog is an amazing new challenge blog that will get your creative juices going when you need some inspiration for a card with... yup you guessed it... the Perfect Sentiment. Besides...who doesn't love a good challenge right?

Here is a little more info about this amazing new challenge blog:

Hello and welcome to The Perfect Sentiment Challenge Blog!

Do you ever need a card for a certain occasion but find you have to sit down and create one? After all, who really wants to make a sympathy card for no reason; seems kinda sad doesn't it? Wouldn't it be great to have a variety of cards ready to go at a moment's notice?

That's what this challenge is all about. Challenging you to go beyond the birthday and thank you cards that we tend to make and branch out into some of the other occasions in life that we need cards for. But, there will be a twist of course! If we just challenged you to make an anniversary card that would be too easy! Each week we will provide you with an occasion and a twist- like make an anniversary card and include a flourish on your card somewhere

Be sure to check out this blog and become a won't be sorry that you did : )

Have a great evening and be sure to come back for some more scrappy posts!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Orange & Yellow All Over

Hi Fellow I will be doing a post about...yup you guessed it...some more paper flowers : ) This is the post I meant to do a couple of days ago but work, kids sports and life in general took over : )

A few co-workers asked me to make these flowers for another co-worker for her birthday. She likes orange & yellow so this was a fun & slightly challenging project to work on. I don't normally use just those two colors alone when I am working ona scrappy project but I think they turned out pretty cute....what do you think?

I thought this bee was super cute :)

Here's another one

Love the wooden button

I used some fabric on this flower. The small yellow one is made from some handmade paper I was given a few years back. I love looks like a real flower in person..probably my favorite one in this project.

The next few photos are of the backside of each flower....

I meant to get a picture of her with the flowers but forgot to bring my camera to work that day : (  She told me she loved them when we gave them to her which made me happy.

Well...I have some scrappy projects on am working on~in between laundry~so I better get back to it.

Have a great Saturday and be sure to come back for some more scrappy posts : )

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Paper Flowers

Hi Fellow Scrappers : )

I have been on a paper flower frenzy lately it seems I have had some co-workers order some of these from me so I've been busy making and hand cutting flowers. This all started when I made a bucket of pink flowers for my good friend at work back in April and ever since then I have been making these for others...hey can't complain...I mean it's extra money to buy more scrapbook stuff right???

So here are some Fall flowers I was asked to make.........

I thought these turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself : )

The next two pics are of the same shot but one is a little brighter so I thought I would use it too so you could see the colors a little better...they seem to pop more to me.

I embossed some of the flowers with my Tim Holtz Vagabond and embossing folders. I thought it gave the solid color Bazzil a different look. That's a vintage button from my mom's button collection in the larger flower.

Along with the some patterned paper and the solid Bazzil, I used some metallic Bazzil cardstock too...I thought it added some richness to the Fall color scheme.
The next few photos are the backsides of the flowers.......
I thought this was kind of a cool pic...trying to show the backside of all the flowers : )

I thought these leaves looked like the real thing...I've used these on other scrappy projects and have been asked the same thing.

I used more of the coffee bean burlap bags my sister picked up for me as the filler for this bucket of flowers. I thought it tied in with the Fall look as well.

I have one more bucket of flowers and a bucket of stars & cars but I will post about those tomorrow. Then it's back to my LO's, board books and altered items...yay.

Hope you all had a great day and be sure to come back tomorrow for some more scrappy projects : )