Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 CK Convention Portland Oregon Part 1

Welcome back friends for another scrappy post. I am really excited to share my experience at the 2012 CK Convention with all of you. This was my first year to go and I had a BLAST!

I will be doing two posts about this convention...today I will be sharing photos from the vendor floor, late night crops and some shots of me and my friends that I went with. Thursday I plan on sharing with you some of the projects from the classes we took and all of the free loot they gave you at the crops when you checked in and some of the goodies I found there. 

This was the booklet you were given when you checked in (they also gave us a Creating Keepsakes book but I forgot to take a picture of that). 

We arrived on Thursday night..checked in at the hotel & Convention Center..we were 10 minutes past the check in time for that evening but the lady was extremely nice and checked our group of 6 in anyway. We went out for dinner and then headed back to the hotel. My friend Cindy & I shared a room so we were gabbing with our friends Mary Beth & Cheryl who had a room next to ours. we decided to call it a fairly early night since the Convention officially kicked off at 8:00 the next morning. 

The gang heading down to check in...from the top down you have Virginia, Mary Beth, Cheryl & my good friend Cindy. I used to nurse for her when she practiced here in town. Cindy is who I stay with when I go to the massive crops & scrapbook events in Medford. I told her I wouldn't mention the part of her tripping right after this was taken...oops guess I forgot..lol : )

Next up are some shots of the vendor floor the first day of convention. We had the early bird advanced tickets to the vendor floor so we were able to get in an hour before everyone else...Woo Hoo! There's an advantage to this...the vendors inside have these amazing deals that they give to the first 20, 50 etc shoppers at their booth so it was pretty awesome to be one of the first 20 in the room. Cindy and I were mapping out where we were going to go first to get the best deals...lol. 
I wanted to get better pics up close of some of the fab vendor booths and their products but most of them had signs asking you not to take photos & I was also trying to shop : ) 

Some of the vendors were Quick Quotes, SEI, Basic Grey, Mon Ami Gabby (this FAB new vendor I found..will dish more on Thursday's post), The Button Farm, Tattered Angels, Echo Park, Graphic 45...they even had a booth that had tons & tons of really good quality scrappy items for get this...$1 each...Agghhh...talk about shopping heaven. There were tons of other vendors there as well that carried other main stream products...too many to list. 

The Girls Scouts provided this AMAZING service...they would hold all of your large totes, shopping bags etc in their holding area for only $5 a day...that is HUGE when you are shopping like mad and attending classes during the convention. You didn't have to lug around your loot or go back to your room and drop things off...

Next up is the booth where you checked in and signed up for additional classes etc....

Here are a few pics from the Friday & Saturday night crops...they went from 7-11...
This of course was the best table in the house...that's me in the front and the rest of my scrappin crew. We had a reserved table so it was nice to be able to sit all together. 

I love this next pic...Mary Beth volunteered to work at the main booth & when Cindy & I had a break in between classes we stopped to get a goofball pic...
Those two just crack me up!!

So...this will conclude the first part of my CK Convention post. I will post the second part on Thursday the 15th. I have lots more to share with all of you...projects from the classes I took & some of the new items I came across that I can't wait to share with all of you. 

Have a great Tuesday and be sure to come back for another scrappy post : )


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