Monday, May 19, 2014

Flower Storage~ScrappinAbby Style

Hi Friends! Today I'll be sharing with you the way that I store my flowers I use in my crafting. If you've been following me via my blog, my Instagram or my YouTubechannel, you'll know that I've been working on some crafty organization projects lately. 

I happened across a video on YouTube by Sybil B , she has a challenge going on called "Help A Girl Out". She's looking for ways to store flowers and the like in her craft room and has reached out to other crafters asking for our help with ideas and suggestions on how we store them in our own craft rooms. So along with my current Crafty Organization I've been working on, I thought this would be a fun challenge to enter. 

 I also have a video that walks you through my flower storage solution and the reason behind it....
Here are some additional photos....
  I love all things vintage and this table was given to me. It's an old paper cutter table that was from an old school that was torn down. I love it!!!. The glass bowls, vases are also vintage. 
 The two suitcases are vintage as well. The bottom one is leather and has pink satin on the inside. It was given to me and was actually mine when I was a little girl. It still has all of my old Barbies inside. The lighter case was given to me and is also old. The suitcase holding the flowers is from Michaels. 
This wicker shelf was a lime green and I painted it purple to match my room. In my other house I used this to hold my TH Dies until I outgrew the shelf. Now it holds my smaller vintage dishes & canning jar for my smaller flowers and leaves. 
I've recently shared these 4 altered cans before. They were my first DT Project for Linnie Blooms. You can check out the full post along with a video and tutorial HERE. I have my canvas flowers and leaf pieces from LB stored in here. This way I not only have a cute decorative item for my craft room but I also have a great way to store my canvas pieces. 

If you want to join in on Sybil B's challenge, you have until midnight May 20th to enter. 

I hope I was able to share with you some creative ways to display & store your flowers in your craft room.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another scrappy post. 

Happy Crafting!!



  1. oh my thats alot of flowers, loving the suitcases

  2. It has been a hectic few days at my house so I haven't been my usual bloggy self. I love early morning blogging with my coffee but it's 11pm and I'm just now getting over here to see this! I saw your blurb on FB about this and HAD to come see. What an amazing array of gorgeous storage ideas, Abby. Oh…I'm so envious of your beautiful space. This must make your creative time all the more inspiring. The suitcases are my favorite, they remind me of my grandmother's bags when I was little…you know…the ones that lasted 100 years! Anyway, thanks for opening up your space to us. This is truly gorgeous and so creative!


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