Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Relay For Life Auction Basket

My good friend Andrea is a breast cancer survivor and she asked me if I would put together a basket for the auction that is being held at the Relay For Life this weekend. So, I thought I would share some pics of what I put together. Here's your warning...there are quite a few pics : )

I won't comment on all of them but I am starting with the basket all together and the pics following will be a close up of each item I made to put in there.

Just a close up of the goodies inside the basket : )

This is one of the French tins I had left over from my wedding. I scrapped a bunch of them up and either sold them or gave them as gifts to some family members. I thought I would throw a 4th of July tin in the basket since it's coming up.

This is a chipboard shoe I scrapped up in pink for breast cancer awareness. I put two of these together so it was a little bit sturdier so it could be propped up. Ignore the glass in the background...it was the only way I could get it to stand up for the pic. Since I don't know who will be buying this basket..I didn't want to put a stand on the back in case they decided to prop it up on a shelf or something.

A chipboard flower album I made last night. The chipboard comes "naked" as they say...meaning blank with nothing on it. I added all the paper, ribbon and embelishments. I adhere the paper to the chipboard and then cut it out with my exacto knife. Then I sand the edges down for a distressed look and ink them.
Some gift bags I scrapped up. I had more but sold them already so I thought I would put the last two I had in my stash in the basket.

All the scrappy goodies : )

I am looking forward to the relay this weekend. My family and co-workers are participating so it will be a lot of fun and more importantly we will be raising money for the American Cancer Society. Our team name is Andrea's Warriors so if you are in Lebanon this weekend...come out to the East Linn Christian Academy and walk a lap or two to help raise money for cancer research.

Sorry for the super long picture post this time. I won't normally have that many at one time...I just wanted to share the scrappy items I made for relay.

Have a great evening and keep an eye out as I will be posting pictures of some board books, layouts and cards I have for sale later this week.

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  1. You put together a fantastic basket! My mother in law is a breast cancer survivor and Relay for Life is close to my heart! I love putting together baskets myself-seems like we have a lot in common! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, posting my giveaway and for becoming a follower! I am your newest follower...I think we will get along just fine!! Have a great rest of the week...I am going to go look around your blog some more!!



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