Sunday, June 26, 2011

Relay For Life 2011

Happy Sunday Everyone...I am doing a post today about the Relay For Life event my family participated in this weekend. This is your warning...I do have quite a few pics to post but hopefully you will enjoy looking at them : )

The Honor Guard from the American Legion Post 51 during the opening ceremony.
This is my daughter Kaley..we picked up my mom's Survivor shirt.

Kaley signed my mom's name on the Survivor poster..Eltha Tuomi.

The next few pics are of our "campsite" during the relay. The name of our team is Andrea's Warriors and the theme for this years relay was  Seasons of Hope so everyone decorated each corner of their area in each season. I don't think I took pics of Fall and Winter but I did get some of the summer decor we had out.

This is the scrapbook album I made for our Team Raffle.

Just turned in my silent auction's the one with the flowers & white bow.
They had themed laps every hour..Kaley didn't have anything for the toga lap so she just used her

Two of the teenagers on our team out for the Red/White/Blue

Kaley & I with our pledge flags...we made a pledge to continue participating with the RFL in support of my mom.
They had us sign the RFL banner after we stated our pledge...then we walked a lap holding our flags.

Kaley resting after doing a lot of laps. By the end of the relay she walked a total of 18 proud of her : )  She looks so squinty in all the pics due to the sun being out.

Not the best pic since I used my phone but the military did a "fly over" during the event.

They had a lot of activities for the kids too which was cool. Kaley won the scavenger hunt...just what she needed...a baggie full of candy with her

Pic of me, Andrea (the breast cancer survivor) and our good friend Ann. The Triple A's lol.

My hubby Steve : )  He was making/selling pink survivor military bracelets for all the ladies at the relay.

Steve was getting so many orders he had to put Ann and Ginger to

We had a lot of people come out and walk for our was great to have so many people come out and support Andrea and the ACS.

Another great group of ladies coming out to support the cause and join us in the walk...thanks Kim & Michelle : )

Just hangin out in between laps : )

The three amazing teens that were there the ENTIRE relay...they stayed up during the night and walked the whole night...and they dressed up for each themed lap contest...they were just awesome to hang out with.

This is the luminary I made for my mom...I tried to get a good pic w/my phone. She is the one on the left.

Here it is all lit up : )  I saved this after the luminary ceremony so I could give it to my mom since she couldn't make it there for the survivor lap.

This is during the survivor ceremony & right before the survivor lap. This is Andrea, her dad and her MIL to the far right...who is also a cancer survivor for over 35 yrs. YAY!!!

Andrea saying what type of cancer she had and how long she has been a survivor...5 years this November.YAHOOOOOOO

Andrea & her hubby during the survivor lap.

This is the medal they passed out to all the survivors. I carried my mom's during the survival lap since she couldn't be there...she is a 3 yr breast cancer survivor this coming September...I am thankful everyday to have her here and healthy : )
Ann & Kaley drumming up some business for our scrapbook raffle...we sold a lot of tickets and the lady who won~I forgot to get a picture of her w/the album~was super excited to win this and we raised even more money for RFL which was the goal : )

The next few pics are of all the RFL teams and their campsites
Steve & I won the Duck/Beaver lap. He is a die hard Oregon State Beaver fan so everyone there thought it was hilarious that we both liked different teams but were married...we were dubbed as the "House Divided" I gave my mom the cool ACS water bottle we won. I look chunky in this pic since I have shorts underneath my pj bottoms..just had to throw that out there ; )
I tried to get a shot of the luminaries that lined the entire track. I wasn't too keen on climbing the hill when it was totally

This was the table they set up as a rememberance of those who lost their battle to cancer. Each item on the table was a representation for those who have passed on and for those of us who are still here. I wish I could remember all the items & their was such a moving ceremony.

They set these luminarias up right in front of our was just beautiful to see in the darkness.

My hubby...he was SO excited to win this in the silent auction. It's a large Beaver flag signed by the entire 2011 OSU football team. He's holding the picture they took of the flag since it was all sealed up in a bag. He was just beside himself. He can't wait to put this in his Man Cave aka The Beaver

Andrea & Kaley trying to keep warm while the others were out doing their laps.

Kaley & Andrea on one of the final laps early Saturday morning.

And yes...I do have a 15yr old son...this is Tre'...he was pretty elusive of my camera most of the whoas of having a scrapbooking momma : )

I want to thank you for taking the time to read through and look at the many pictures on today's post. I know there were a lot of pictures this time...I just wanted to share my amazing weekend doing the RFL. I want to encourage all of you who don't currently participate in this event in your area to do so next year. This is such an amazing event and it helps to raise much needed funds for cancer research and to hopefully one day find a cure so no one will ever have to hear the words "you have cancer".

Thank you again friends and enjoy the rest of your weekend : )

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  1. Hi Abby!
    Looks like you had a great time! I'm so glad to see that you took the plunge and started your blog. Congratulations and have FUN! Talk to you soon.
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