Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shabby Flowers

Wow..I woke up to a soggy rainy Thursday today here in Oregon. I know it's what keeps our beautiful state green etc but I am SO ready for some sunshine : )

I don't know about you but flowers always seem to lift my spirits a bit and just bring some splashes of color & beauty into the world. So I thought I'd share some shabby flowers I made over the past few days.

I wanted to make the back side of these flowers just as pretty as the front so they could be enjoyed from all angles no matter where you put them....

These are a smaller version of the larger paper flowers I've made before..which I've posted about HERE, HERE and in a few other past posts. If you wanted to check those out you can just do a "paper flower" search on my blog : )

I used some ceramic flower pots from the Dollar Tree..painted them with some craft paint...added the flowers & some floral moss...tied some ribbon/twine & lace around the pot and voila!!!

I always enjoy working on these paper's a nice way to break up the constant flow of cards and LO's I do all the time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today..hope you enjoyed looking at my paper lovelies.

Tomorrow I will finally be posting pics of my new craft room...for those of you who follow me regularly know that I moved recently and I have now have a bigger creative space to "play" in & I can't wait to share it with all of you. So be sure to check back in tomorrow for the exciting reveal : )

Happy Craftin!!


  1. Love 'em! So cool with all the different materials.

    Be blessed, Beckie

  2. I had the pleasure of getting to see Abbys craft room this week. Totally overwhelmed and extremely jealous, in a good way. lol She happily showed me around and it was so fun seeing the joy in her eyes. She loves doing what she does so much and anyone that scraps with her should feel lucky to have her as their friend. I even got a little impromptu class on how to make those wonderful flowers!! Love you Abby

  3. Love your flowers and I know what you mean about the dreary rain here in Oregon!!


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