Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spartan Pride Paper Flowers

Hi I will be posting some photos from some paper flowers I recently made for a long time friend of mine that I just happen to work with as well.

She works at the middle school in our town and their mascot is a Spartan...the colors are yellow and blue so I made her some paper flowers in Spartan Pride colors to display in her office.

I know I say on every post about how much fun a certain project was to work on but this was really was fun as I used a different medium for these flowers that I've never used before. My oldest sister picked up some amazing coffee bean bags from a local coffee company in Sisters, Oregon for me. She brought me 4 of these bags and one just happened to be nothing but burlap with a blue design on it so it was perfect for Karen's flowers : )

Here's a closer photo of the burlap flowers

I was able to run the burlap through my Tim Holtz Vagabond and I used Tim's Tattered Florals die template...LOVE IT!!!

I really like using items like newspaper and book pages for my scrappy projects as well...just opens up a ton of other possibilities when you are creating.
The backside of this patterned paper was white...I couldn't have I used some spritzing mist in Mama Sings The Blues to give the back of this handcut flower some jazz...when you look at it really can see some sparkle in it.

This striped flower is made from some fabric scraps...I was able to run this through my Vagabond machine as well...such a cool item.

I decided to stuff some of the burlap in the bucket as my filler...thought it went perfect with the flowers.

I also used it for the ribbon around the rim of the bucket too. Worked out perfect to have a section of the burlap bag to have this blue stripe on it.

The perfect way to end this post....
A photo of my beautiful friend Karen with her flowers~and yes..I did get her permission to post this pic : )

Be sure to come back for some more scrappy posts!

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