Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cricut Came To Town & I'm Not Talking About Jiminy ; )

Hey Bloggers...something was delivered today that just made me smile. I mentioned that I had been home this week with my daughter who has been sick..well she is feeling better but "shared" her cold/flu bug with me...ugh. But what came today put a smile on my face and almost brought a tear to my eye ~which could also be a symptom of the bug I have~but I digress.

Wanna see what I found on my front porch today????

Oh yea...come are smiling too right now aren't you ; ) I wanted to do an "out of the box" video but since I am sick and sound like a bullfrog..I decided to just do some pictures and post them like usual.

The box says it all : )

Ahh..the smell of new toys..err necessary scrapbooking tools..yeah that's it...well if I wasn't stuffed up I could smell it but you know what I mean : )

Here she is...all shiny and new just waiting for me to plug her in and scrap away!!

Here are all the goodies that came with this amazing machine

A better shot of the front of the Cricut. This was on HSN's Crafting show on Monday. It came with 2 pre-loaded cartridges AND 2 additional ones that are new...I was super jazzed by this since the cartridges alone are pretty pricey and these came with it at no extra cost...woo hoo!!!!

These are the two cartridges that came pre-loaded with the machine. There are just hundreds of images and letter choices in just these two alone.

This is one of the bonus cartridges that came with the order, Art Noveau...I can't wait use this one and play around with the amazing images. Just looking at the back alone gave me some scrappy ideas : )

And here's the second bonus cartridge, Spring Fever Holiday. The packaging says this one includes images from a variety of other cartridges so this one will be fun to play with as well. Sorry about the glare btw.

I didn't unpack all of the cardboard from the inside yet...I wanted to wait until I had it downstairs in my scrapbook room.

See those 3 silicone covers? I wasn't sure at first what they were for since I hadn't actually looked at the backside of the Cricut yet.

Once I looked at the back I was oh duh...these are covers for the different ports on the snickering now...remember I am sick ; )

Even though my birthday isn't until hubby bought this for me a as an early b/day present. The bad thing is that I haven't plugged it in yet to try it out since I don't feel well but the good thing is that since my b/day is over a month away...Steve might forget he bought this as my "present" and I might get something : )

Well, thanks for letting me share my excitement of my new Cricut Expression 2 with all of you. I can't wait to use it and show you all of the scrappy creations I come up with.

Oh...and don't forget to keep your eyes out for the new Perfect Sentiment Challenge Blog that is coming next sure to check back for more details on that.

I am off to NyQuil la la land so I will see you all tomorrow for another scrappy post : )


  1. So sorry you've been sick, but hopefully your early birthday present made you feel a bit better. Enjoy your wonderful gift. Can't wait to see what you create with it!

  2. Hope this finds you feeling better...Love, love your b-day present, however. My dh wouldn't forget giving me an early present {frown}, but I hope yours does. Have fun playing with your new toy!


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