Monday, June 4, 2012

Guest Designer: Kaley & The Pioneer Journal : )

Welcome back friends for another scrappy post. Today I am super excited to share another FAB project my daughter, Kaley, made for a school project.

When she came home and told me about this project I did a school girl the assignment was to create...get ready..a why didn't I get this kind of homework when I was in school : )

Kaley created the scrapbook/journal based from a book on the Pioneers she recently read. So without further is Kaley's Pioneers Journal...

I had some old book covers leftover from another project so Kaley decided to use this as the cover for her journal...she's so stinkin it!! Now I did help her a super tiny bit on this part..I did the embossing for her as she wasn't comfortable doing this on the cover herself. She sanded the lettering down to make it look worn & weathered.

LOVE this!!! She did such an amazing job cutting the burlap..inking the flowers & adding the button in the middle. It was her idea 100% on this journal & I love how she distressed each page..she must get the love of distressing from her momma ; ) 
Look at the detail..she curved the edge after inking..she told me this was to make the page look like it had been worn...great job sis : )
Kaley spends time in my craft room while I'm working on projects & she has seen me do this "masking" technique many times before & she wanted to give it a try on this page. She inked over the tree die cut image to create these shadowy tree images..sorta looks like some light fog going through the forest huh? Here's a closer look...
I really like how she used the twine to mimic the trails...
Look at the cute little cabin & pioneer people she drew : )

I am really proud of the amazing job she did on this journal..& just for the record I only did the embossing on the front of the journal..she did the rest 100%!!

And now for the star of the post....

Kaley..great job worked really hard on this journal & it paid off. She found out she received an A+ on this journal : )

Thanks for checking out my post today & for letting me be a super proud momma and brag about my super creative daughter. 

Be sure to come back for another scrappy post.

Happy Scrappin!!

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  1. How awesome is that Pioneer Journal?!
    Kaley, great job beautiful!!


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