Saturday, September 22, 2012

Buttons Buttons...Who Has The Buttons...I Do : )

Hey everyone...I have such a cool post to share with you all today. It's not an actual scrappy project BUT it's all about some vintage items that I will be using on some upcoming projects. 

This post will be a walk down memory lane for me as what I am about to share with you is something from my childhood............

I remember as a little girl sitting at the kitchen table running my fingers through all of the buttons in this tin while my mom was working on a sewing project. I remember the smell of all those buttons and bits of thread that were in the tin & when my mom brought the tin to me and I took the lid off...I seriously felt like I was 9 again when the same smell of buttons hit me. Now you might be thinking I am totally weird or thinking what in the world does an old tin of buttons smell like...but let me tell's a lovely scent & a memory from my childhood. 

I had asked my mom a few years back about this tin of buttons. She wasn't sure exactly where they were so she told me when she came across them, the tin was mine....squeal!!!

I was beside myself when she called me last week and said she finally found the tin and would bring them over the very next day. Let me tell you I couldn't wait!!

Just look at all those lovely buttons!!

There are a ton of these buttons still on their original cards. Just look at the one in the front with the little girl cool! You just don't find things like this in the stores anymore. 

The next set of photos are of some buttons Kaley & I pulled out that we thought were just awesome and so unique....

Check out those penny buttons...I mean how cool are those??? I've never seen buttons like that before.

Love how the brass buttons have turned green..most times I'm distressing stuff to look like that & there's the real deal : )

These pictures are so precious to me as I now have a record of Kaley digging through the very same tin of buttons that I did when I was her age and even younger. Even though my mom doesn't have photos of me I have the memories & the pictures of those days will never fade for me. Even though I'm only 39, I truly love vintage items and treasure them, especially the ones from my mom. 

Some of these buttons I won't use... I plan to just keep them stored in some old jars etc so I can see them while I'm creating and some I will use on projects. I would love to be able to pass this tin of buttons on down to Kaley when she is older as my mom did for me.

Thanks for letting me share a memory from my past and a tin full of items that mean so much to me. 

Happy Scrappin!!



  1. My mom also had a button tin and it was one of my favorite things as well. Unfortunately, she didn't save it, so it is only a memory for me now. How wonderful that you have it and can use them, save them and share them with your own daughter. What a sweet post and thanks for the lovely memories!

  2. what a beautiful memory and to pass on this tradtion to your daughter priceless


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