Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coastal Crop Getaway 2012

Hey everyone..I'm really excited to share my recent crafting trip with all of you. I will have some projects that I made during this trip to share with you but that will be another post. Some I can't share quite yet since their DT projects...shhh Top Secret ; )

This was my second year to attend the Coastal Crop Getaway in Gold Beach Oregon. This event is held roughly about 5 hours from where I live so I drive to Medford, which is 3 1/2-4 hours from Lebanon and I stay with my Cindy my crafting bestie (who I happened to nurse for as well & she may or may still think she's my boss..haha) and we drive up with the rest of our group the next day. It's always a ton of laughs and fun with our crazy bunch.

Tahoe is packed and ready to hit the road : )

I didn't really take a ton of photos once I arrived in Medford as Cindy and I were dinking around town and hitting a few craft stores. Here's a photo of Cheryl's van full of our stuff for the keep in mind there were 4 of us riding up..although I could have easily brought this much on my own..haha

Last pic before we hit the road..that's me in the purple jeans, Cindy and then Mary Beth. Cheryl was taking the photo.

Our room...Cindy & I stayed together. Sorry for the dark photo.
View from our balcony..we were on the 3rd floor this time around.

Mary Beth is such a crack up..she brought her MargaritaVille maker for the trip..haha.
Cindy (on the left) was majorly excited to get her Leer Jet seat again from Terry..haha.

The next few photos are of the crop itself and all the ladies who came.....

The next set are of my work area..they give you an entire table to craft's so can really spread out & get some stuff done!!

Up next are my girls...
Cindy..I think she had a margarita in her cup or what we call our "special water" haha.
Miss Mary Beth who has to be one of the kind-hearted people I have ever met in my life.
And last but certainly not girl Cheryl..she is a total hoot and graciously drove us all to the crop. I have really become close to these ladies and even though I only get to see them a few times a year...I know we are true friends and I miss them terribly when I have to head home : (

They had a name tag contest..super fun...
Not everyone wanted to participate so there weren't many to vote for. Obviously the purple one is mine..haha. The Halloween badge in the first photo won and rightfully so..her tag was amazing!!

Cheryl & Mary Beth voting..I think they were laughing at Cindy putting Sue on her name badge..the ladies in charge coudn't figure out who Sue was..haha.

Next up are photos of our walk on the beach........

It was pretty cold & windy this time but I still love the beach : )

We were happy that we found some people on the beach to take a group photo of us..

And one last photo of the trip and then I have a really funny story to share with you : )

This is part of the scrappin crew that I meet up with when I go to Medford. From the left..Karen, me, Cindy, Cheryl, Mary Beth & Terry. This was right before we all headed home. These events always go by so fast...makes me sad!! here is an honest to goodness true story. We go to this coffee shop/book store in Gold Beach in the mornings. We're all upstairs looking around and this guy walks up to me. He asks me where I'm from, I say Lebanon. He asks what I'm doing here..vacation etc. I tell him it's for a scrapbooking crop. He then asks when I'm going home..I say the next day. He then asks if I'm flying..I say no I'm driving back. He gets a perplexed look on his face and says "You're driving back to Beirut?" LOL he thought I was from Lebanon, Beirut and I said no, I'm from Lebanon, Oregon. He looked at me real serious and said oh as he was going to welcome me to America. I laughed and said no, I'm an American and he sort of wandered off. I just find this hilarious as I look nothing like a Lebanese person and wouldn't you think I would have an accent or something? Seems like everytime I go somewhere outside of my county people think I'm from somewhere else other than America. Normally I get asked if I'm from Puerto Rico or Jamaica..haha.

Anyway..thanks for stopping by and letting me share my recent crafty weekend getaway. I'll be sharing some of the projects I made while I was gone be sure to check back for that.

Also..don't forget that Scor-Pal (I'm on their DT) and DCWV are having a Blog Week this week. There are some FAB prizes up for grabs so be sure to check out the Scor-Pal and DCWV blogs for all the details and to see some amazing projects from both DT's. I'm up on Friday : )

Happy Scrappin!!


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  2. sounded like fun all the name tag contest idea! and I am so stealing that "special water" tag...normally I have a "coffee cup" and who knew there was a margarita maker!? I need to do a getaway with you guys!!


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