Friday, February 1, 2013

FAMILY Canvas Banner

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Today's post is all about a banner I made for ME!!! LOL Now you might be saying..hmm why's that so special..well most of what I design/create are projects that are for others or are DT projects so I was so happy to have a chance to create something for my home and I LOVE IT!!

I'm really excited to share this with you as this banner contains yummy products from some of my most favorite companies...Maya Road,Moni Ami Gabby & of course what project could I possibly do without Mr.Tim & his lovely line of goodies : )

Ok..I really struggle with trying to get a "good" shot of projects like this so I took some closer up in a different room so you could see all the details a bit better : )

I started off with the Maya Road Canvas Pennant album. I knew I didn't want to use it for an album (this time anyway) so I took the rings out so I could lay it out as a banner. The gorgeous fabric flowers are from Mon Ami Gabby.
I used some shabby embossing enamel on the Maya Road chipboard how they turned out...all chunky and distressed : )

Here's a closer pic of how they look...

Look at all that distressed/chunky/textured goodness!! The MR chipboard Blossoms took the embossing enamel perfectly!!

Here are a few pics of it after I hung it up...

And this is what I get to see when I walk in my front door : )

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another scrappy post!!


  1. Your banner is adorable!

    I know what you mean - I do not have much of anything that I make. Well, except some Christmas ornaments. And it is only recently (since starting to blog) have I been good about taking pictures!

    So I can totally relate but most of all - love your banner. I know it will keep you smiling.

  2. Oh I hear you! I'm the same all I made for myself last year is a diary cover.
    I love your banner, so many layers! Fab!



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