Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Hi Friends. First I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of those that have served our country past and present. I have always been a supporter of our military & our HEROES that have made it possible for all of us to have the freedoms we all enjoy today. 

Our day started off with breakfast as a family then we all went to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves of my dads, grandpa and my brother. The IOOF Cemetery always puts out the flags along the roadway which greet you as soon as you turn into the long driveway.

It's always such a beautiful site to me each year I go. All of these flags were the original casket flags for the Veterans who've been buried here. Their families have donated them so they can be displayed proudly each year. I love it!!

This is me standing by one of my dads graves. I'm not that short/squatty looking..weird camera angle : )  I grew up with two dads, I never called them StepDad as to me steps are what you walk on...not a name to refer to someone who's raised you as their own. I was very lucky to have them both in my life and I miss them terribly. 
Alex was the dad to my older brother and my 3 sisters who are all older than I am. He gave me his last name : )
Dave is my younger brothers dad, he and my mom married when I was just a baby. 
Allen was my older brother, he passed away far too young. 
And this is my grandpa..he was such an amazing man and I have so many memories of him growing up. 

I'm so proud to say that these men were my dads and grandpa and that they served in our military and covered three different wars, my Grandpa was in WWII , Alex dad was in the Korean war and Dave dad was in Vietnam. 

That's my son Tre' in the blue, his friend Justin, my daughter Kaley and my hubby Steve. 

All of the roads in the cemetery are lined with the American flags. Such a beautiful site!! We were on our way down to the stone wall memorial. Each of my dads have their named etched on the military wall. 

After paying our respects at the cemetery we decided to go bowling as a family just to spend some time together. 
I can always count on Tre' to have such a lovely smile on his face for

All in all we had a great day of remembering those who have served our country and allowed us to have the freedoms we enjoy today. Spending time together as as family which is so very important to me, which is something I know my dads, brother and grandpa would have wanted us to do. 

Thanks for checking out my non-crafty post and for letting me share a little bit of my life with you all today. I am so proud to say that I am an American and that I have men in my family who proudly served our country. 

God Bless America!!!


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