Sunday, May 12, 2013

Super Fun Quick and Easy Washi Tape Projects

Hi Friends! I have some really fun, super quick and easy Washi Tape projects to share with all of you today. I don't  know about you but I've sorta been collecting all sorts of Washi Tapes in different widths, colors and patterns..I just think they're cute!! I just ordered a ton of fabric tape from Maya Road so as I was adding it to my stash of other tapes...I realized I'd better start using this stuff at some 

So that brings me to today's post...I spent about an hour at the most coming up with and creating 5 projects to share with you using Washi Tape in different ways. I also have a short video that shows you all of the projects up close as well as the tapes I used so be sure to check that out too : )

As you can see I made a couple of tags, dressed up some journaling cards and made a mini canvas...all in under an hour. You can do this me : )

Here's the short video...(for some reason Blogger isn't loading my videos but you can check out my video HERE on my YouTube Channel : )

 First up are the tags...I wanted to create a flower for one of them and for the second I simply used a few different colored and patterned tapes and made them the background for the tag. 
 The Washi Tapes take sprays perfectly!! I go over that in the video..but here's a closer look...
Such a fun way to create your own background by placing strips of the tape on your projects!

 You can use the Washi Tape to create simple flower to embellish your projects!

Next up are the journal cards I dressed up a bit : )
Some simple pleating of the Washi Tape gives your projects some great detail.
Making some small simple flowers & adding some leaves really dresses up the note card don't you think?

And for my last project...probably my a mini canvas...

Use your Washi Tape as a background for a canvas project. I absolutely love this one and I have it displayed in my craft room

I hope I've been able to give you some ideas on how to use your stash of Washi Tape. These are some quick and easy projects that you can create for that last minute gift or tag might need. 

I'll leave you with one last's of my baby Bella checkin things out as I was snapping the above photos..

Happy Crafting!!


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  1. I really liked what you did with the Washi. Super video. I can't wait to see a tutorial on the flower (wink, wink).



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