Saturday, July 26, 2014

Simply Joys

Hi Friends! Today I'll be showing you how I freshened up one of my older projects using the canvas pieces from Linnie Blooms .

This is how it looked before...

This is a mini canvas I made around 7 years ago...I liked it then but I wanted to freshen it up a bit and give it a new look. I have a short video that shows you the project up close along with the Linnie Blooms products I used...

I used one of the tree canvas pieces as one of my background elements. I gave it some texture by using a script background stamp and used the Green Tea Gelato....

We were at a local amusement park called The Enchanted Forest, so I thought adding the canvas tree would be fun & fitting.

To have the photo "pop" off the canvas I used one of the Mixed Stitch Canvas pieces as my background for the photo. To add some color, I used more of my Gelatos in Lemon and Bubble Gum.

I think it turned out pretty cute : )

Using the Linnie Bloom Mixed Stitch and canvas pieces is a great way to update one of your older projects or to just simply mix it up a bit. 

Thanks for stopping by the Linnie Blooms blog today and for checking out another ScrappinAbby project. 

Happy Crafting : )


  1. loved this before and even more now. isn't it fun to go back and freshen up projects sometimes? you have a beautiful family, that you shared this with us!

  2. Oh my sweet Donna!!! You are a constant supporter and encourager. Thank you for that...I mean that sincerely!!


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