Wednesday, November 7, 2012

40 & Fabulous!!

Hey I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post!! I am still here and I've been super busy with work, life, kids, and of course tons of creative stuff and I can't wait to share "some" of this with you ; )

So technically I don't have a "scrappy post" or project to share with you today BUT I do have some fun photos and a FAB card I received for my 40th birthday!! Yes, November 2nd I turned 40. I wasn't sure how I felt about that...entering a new decade & leaving my 30's behind..but it wasn't as bad as I thought and my hubby and friends made me feel super special and I was pretty much spoiled : )

So if your interested...sit back and enjoy a few photos from my birthday week : )

I love love love this friend~who just also happens to own  3 Girl Jam ~ sent me this awesome card, I also have the pleasure of being on her Design Team too. It came in the mail yesterday and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you. Now I do want to note that I received a lot of awesome cards from my family/friends so don't think I'm leaving you all out : )

I told my hubby that I wanted a birthday week since I was turning 40..haha I didn't think he would actually go for that but he did. So every day leading up to my birthday my hubby would have a small gift for me to open each night when we got home from work....

I won't show you all the pics but he gave me things like a Starbucks card, some Oregon Duck socks (Go Ducks!!), crafty items, a snuggly lap blanket etc. He wanted to give me something fun to open each day and I totally felt spoiled.

My birthday was on a Friday this year so this is what I walked into when I got to work Friday morning.....

My co-worker & long time friend Alisha did this for me. I was so excited when I saw this. She did an amazing job making me feel so very special on my birthday. I work with some really awesome people who made my birthday one I will remember for a long time.

Alisha had arranged a surprise luncheon for me at work. I didn't expect this so I don't really have any photos to show you since I left my phone on my desk, but here's the cake they had for me......

Love it!! If you look closely you'll see the "flames" on my candles..haha. I work in the District Administration Office for our school district and there were no matches to be found so one of my co-workers got creative and used some red push

I had people bringing me gifts throughout the day which was just awesome. Here's one of the yummy treats I received...

For those who know me...know I LOVE Starbucks : )  This was a perfect gift as this is what happened to the Starbucks I picked up on my way to work...

Boo!! I was so excited about my office decor I knocked my coffee off when I was taking pictures..haha. Our office smelled great for the rest of the day though : )

After work my hubby had a suprise dinner party for me with some family & friends. I didn't get those pics yet from everyone else but I'll share them with you later on. My daughter Kaley bought us tickets to see Breaking Dawn..yay and my son Tre' gave me a gift card to Cold Stone...which I love!!

My main gift from my hubby (as if he didn't do enough during the week) was a surprise trip to the coast and a shopping trip to the Coach store...YES!!!!!!

I was beyond spoiled for my birthday and I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful hubby, kids, family & friends in my life. I am truly blessed!!

Thanks for letting me share my 40th birthday with all of you. I do have some awesome projects coming up that I will be sharing with you here and on the blogs for the DT's I'm on so be sure to check back for those posts.

Have a great day everyone and happy scrappin!!


  1. HAppy Belated Birthday!! Welcome to the Fabulous 40 club!!! I too turned 40 this year back in April, and I love it!! I consider it a Blessing!! Looks like you had a fun time at one of my favorite stores... Coach!! Glad you had a awesome birthday:)

  2. Loved peeking at your Office Party Decor...what great coworkers you have! And a purple cake...I am jealous! Love it! So glad you had a great birthday!!!
    Jessica S


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