Thursday, December 22, 2011

BINGO Holiday Tags

Happy Thursday Bloggers : )

Today I wanted to share some Bingo holiday tags I made for my co-workers for our annual department Christmas gift exchange which usually results in me gorging myself on some AHmazing sweets made by the wife of one co-worker & this year I didn't

It's not always easy finding gifts for a group of techy guys (I work in the Tech Dept. for our school district). Luckily I am not the lone female anymore...Alisha has joined us and I couldn't be happier : )

So I thought this year I would make them something they could hang on their tree and have for years to come (hmm...they better keep these They seemed to like them and I am sure their wives will enjoy them as well. 

So enough of the chitty chat, here they are......................

I personalized each one with their last name. The wooden bingo number has a meaning for each person as well. 

This one is for my boss Brian....

Next up is my girl Alisha...our Technical Support Specialist :)

Now Peter, our Lead Network Analyst......

Nathan's...another one of our Network Analyst's....

And lastly our intern from the local college...Gregg...

I really enjoyed creating these holiday tags for them & it was even better to see the smiles on their faces when they opened also didn't hurt to have some chocolate truffles in there too ; )

Thanks for stopping by...I know it's a busy time for most with Christmas just a few short days away. 

Be sure to come back for another scrappy post : )

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