Saturday, July 16, 2011

At Long Last

The title of this post says it I finally found the perfect vintage/shabby hutch for my scrapbook room. I have been searching for one for over a year and today was my day. My hubby and I went to the annual Brownsville (OR) city-wide yard sale today and I luck was on my side.

Not only is this hutch a perfect fit in my room but guess what color it is??? guessed it...purple.

I just about ran over to this when I saw it. I may end up replacing the lattice with a solid piece of old/weathered wood when/if I stumble across the right one...but for now...I am loving this new addition to my scrapbook room.
I just love all the "shabbiness" of this piece. I cannot wait to put this in my room. I can already see my vintage gym locker room baskets sitting on the shelves full of my stamps and punches.

Here's a photo with the hutch and all of the other treasures I found today.

I came across some amazing deals today. It was pretty drizzly for most of the morning so there wasn't as many people this year as last year...which turned out to be a great thing for me : )

Not the best pic of these old Ball canning jars but these are just awesome. I am going to put some of my chipboard letters in these.

Love these treasures too. I found them mixed up with some other items and they weren't visible to others who just did a quick walk by. It always pays to stop for a second and "dig" just never know what you will find : )

Here's a closer pic of the metal hardware that came from an old shipping department wooden clipboard. I didn't get a pic of the clasps open but they swing out to the side of this piece. I plan on attaching it to the wall in my scrapbook room and hanging some of my vintage ribbon from it.

An old doorknob I just couldn't pass up.

I plan on putting more embelishments in these vintage blue glass Ball jars.

A wonderfully old wooden photo frame that I will use somewhere in my house.

When I was paying for my blue glass Ball jars the lady at this sale just gave me this book when I was paying her. Can't pass up a freebie that I would have paid for anyway : )

Another great wrought iron piece that may or may not wind up in my scrapbook room : )

I will be working on my scrapbook room tomorrow. I have so much stuff that I have to move out and around so I can take out the current storage rack I am using and move my new hutch in...and I can't wait to get started : )  

I plan on doing a post just about my scrapbook room in the near future so be sure to check back and take a look around my most favorite space in the house.

My hubby and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary this Tuesday so I will be doing a post about our wedding and will have some pics to share with all of you as well. There will be some scrappy items in that post since I made my own wedding invitations and most of my wedding decor items/favors etc.

I hope all of you have a fantastic Saturday and check back tomorrow for some more scrappy posts. I will be showing you a fantastic Cirque De Soleil/Steam Punk type board book I made.

Until then...happy blogging : )

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  1. I so look forward to seeing all of your finds!!


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