Saturday, July 9, 2011

Found Treasures

Happy Saturday Friends : )

This morning I went to some yard sales and found some amazing treasures so I thought I would do a post just about what I found today along with some items I have found recently as well.

Here are the items I found just this morning. There is another small table I forgot to put in this grouping but I will have a picture later in this post. I was able to pick up all of these amazing items at a great price.

This is a great solid wood display shelf I picked up for only a $1. I am going to use it in my scrapbook room and put some of my jars of embelishments on it. Will post pics of how it turned out later.

This picture doesn't do the mirror justice. This is a super heavy mirror with fantastic detail. I can't wait to distress this and hang it in my house.
This purchase was made by my hubby : ) He got this for a steal..the gentleman bought this firepit and his wife didn't like it so he sold it for less than half of what he paid for it. Never used! Steve said he is going to paint orange over the green...true Beaver fan : ) The wire mesh cage lifts off which is pretty cool I thought. Can't wait to use it in the backyard and have a Smore's party with the family & neighbors.

And it wouldn't be a successful trip if I didn't come home with some sort of scrapbook related item : )
Table full of goodies : )

Each item in this pic was less than $1 each.

Lovin the milk glass I keep finding...can't beleive I paid less than a $1 for this vase.

Vintage wooden ducks I bought for Steve to hang in his "man cave".

LOVE these!!! I have quite a bit of this African Americana decor and I am happy to add these to the collection : )

This has to be my most favorite item of the day. This is a vintage solid brass hotel key that I just love. There was a lady & her husband who were looking through the same case I was and when they overlooked this, she smacked her husband for not seeing this when I snatched it up...and to make it worse...she cringed when she found out they were only asking $2 for it!!!

I really like Fleur De Lis's so I was excited to come across these lovelies.

Was hard to get a good picture of this rack but it is adorable. I will post a better pic when I find the perfect place for this in my house.

This table was only $1...I just adore it.

Distressed/detailed fabulousness : )

I have to say that my hubby chuckled when he found out I bought this. I had no idea what it was...all I know is that it was old and super cool looking so I just had to have it. He told me it's a shotgun cleaner...they would stick this down the barrel and well...clean the shotgun.

This is something I found at a thrift shop earlier this week on a 50% off rack and paid $2 for it. It's a solid wood frame & planter type box/shelf on the bottom with a display board. I have already started the distressing process on this & I will post pics of this and my other projects when they are done. This too is going in my scrapbook room...can't wait to display some of my projects on the board : )

Another amazing frame I found...this too is in the distressing process : )

The next couple of pics are closer shots of the frames I mentioned earlier...I just wanted to show the detail.

The next round of pics are of some adorable red egg cups I bought at a garage sale down the street about a month ago...they match my kitchen perfectly and they are super cute.......

Now could I pass up this adorable purple glass egg ; )
I found this cut glass vase a few years ago but finally dug it out of some boxes in my garage. These flowers are just beautiful, they almost look like crepe paper and are a pretty shade of lavender.

I bought this~and the bird inside~at the same yard sale the egg cups came from.
I added some moss...put the bird inside and put it on my front porch bistro table.

Another $2 score purchase from a local junk shop. There are my Fleur De Lis again : )  I forgot to buy candles this weekend but they're on my list now.

This is the table I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I bought this at yard sale my friends were having and we were having such a good time gabbing...I forgot to grab it when I left and had to go back lol.

This was a b/day present for my hubby...which was July 3rd. I will be doing an overdue post of his b/day hopefully tomorrow. This is an fantastic silver cigar case I snagged for him. He LOVED it : )

I know this was a long post...sorry about that but I had to "catch up" and post some pics of my recent Found Treasures. I just love the rush you get when you find amazing pieces like these and can use them in/around your home.

Please come back tomorrow for another post...this will be a scrappy one...yay : )

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  1. Hi Abby!
    Great finds!! I love fleur-de-lis too! Those stick thingies that are for cleaning guns would be great for hanging collages on. Especially western ones, maybe. I love the key! Way to go girl! I will be posting about some garage sales that I went to while on my way home from Bend!
    Talk to you soon!
    hugs from your neighbor,


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