Saturday, October 22, 2011

Coastal Crop Getaway 2011

Hey there fellow crafters....sorry I have been a bit MIA since my last post on Wednesday. I have been busy catching up on home & work stuff since I was gone for 5 days : )

I am still in the process of unpacking my totes etc from my recent crop weekend~which is totally unlike me~but I thought I would take a quick break and do a post about my recent Coastal Crop Getaway weekend I had with some of my scrappin girlfriends : )

I drove to Medford last Thursday...which is about 3 1/2-4 hours from where I live...depending on how fast you drive and I may or may not be a lead foot ; ). On Friday morning, the 5 of us attending the crop left Medford fairly early and headed to Gold Beach, which is approximately 3+ hours away.  I was going to get some pics of us before we left but forgot in the midst of all the excitement.

So the pics start from when we checked into our room......

 This is the room I shared with my friend Cindy...fantastic view of the beach from the deck.
We thought we could go inside this little lighthouse but alas we couldn't..bummer.

Next up are some pics of my table...I didn't get to bring even 1/2 has much as I normally do since we had 5 of us in the same vehicle with all of our scrap stuff and luggage. 
 I was actually surprised that I was able to cram as much stuff in the few totes that I took with me : ) Oh and if you are asking "are those TP rolls in that bag??" Well the answer is yes they are...I make mini TP roll albums for gifts etc and to put in my store on my website. 
 This is Cheryl...who was so kind to drive us all...which I was super thankful for as I wasn't looking forward to another 3+ hour drive since I just did that the day before : )
 This is Miss MaryBeth...she is hoot. 
 This is Virginia...I just met her for the first time on this trip. She rode up with us too. She teaches classes at the LSS in Central Point & from what I hear from the other ladies who take her classes...she is amazing and super talented.
 And last but certainly not crazy friend Cindy : ) For those of you who may not know..I used to be Cindy's nurse when she was practicing in the town I live in. She moved to Medford around 6 years ago and she is the one I stay with when I make my treks to Medford a couple of times a year for these scrapbooking retreats. I have a blast when I am with her and we do nothing but laugh our butts off when we are together...I miss her a lot when I have to come home : (
 Clearly the provided seats the rest of us had to use weren't comfortable enough for Cindy so she used a seat from a One of the other gals we know...who is sitting on the other side of Cindy..brought a few of these.

Up next are some random pics of the massive cropping area where everyone sat...

This is the "store" the owner of Creating Lasting Memories brought with her to the crop.

Next up are some pics of Cheryl, MaryBeth, Cindy and I taking a walk down to the beach. I think we were the only ones from the 40 ladies who actually did this. I know we were there to scrapbook but come can you be right on the beach and not go see it??? The weather was gorgeous the whole time we were there.
Me : )
 We may or may not have had some "special water" in our room each night ; )
 Ok...this was across the street from the coffee shop we went to...Cindy told me this was my new nickname...Foxy
 The 5 of us before we hit the road back to Medford
 Here's another pic with some of the other ladies I normally see at the scrap events in Medford. I'm glad they came to this crop was fun to see them again. 

Me in the back of the van with all the scrap stuff surrounding me...ready for the long drive home after a fun filled weekend of scrapbooking : )

Thanks for sticking with me on this long post filled with pics. I had a fantastic time and can't wait for the next getaway we have planned for March. 
I have a couple more posts scheduled about this trip. Tomorrow's will be showcasing a paper sack mini album I made while I was there and the last one will be about the scrap goodies I bought while on the trip and the amazing paper pack I won. 

I hope you have a great Saturday and be sure to come back for another scrappy post : )

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