Friday, October 28, 2011

Tattered Angels On My Doorstep...What A Way To Start A Weekend :)

Happy Friday Scrappers!!!

I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I came home from work today.....

Bella was also excited to tear into this box of scrappy goodies :)
Sniffin out the goods!

Look at all that Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist goodness!!!!! I ordered these misting sets and the tags from Two Peas In A Bucket just a couple of days ago and I already had them before the weekend. Great place to shop online IMO.
 ~Sorry for the glare~ this is their Rustic Barn paint set & I am pretty excited to crack this package open and start using it. I haven't used this particular set before so I am excited to play this weekend : )

The Glimmer Mist Garden Bouquet color kit. I started a project the other night but ran out of my Honey Dew Mist so I was pretty excited to get this order so quickly. The HDM isn't in this pack but the Meadow Green mist will go perfectly with what I have started. I won't be able to post this project for awhile though as it's a submission for the Tattered Angels DT Call that's open right now but I will as soon as I am able's a good one : )
Here are some GORGEOUS resist tags that I can't wait to use on some projects. Trust me, these photos don't do these tags justice. They are made from a nice heavy cardstock and have gold embossing as well as transparent embossing on them.
I was trying to get a good shot of the transparent embossing on some of these tags...just gorgeous. I was really surprised to see how many you get in a package...very happy with these and will buy more in the future for sure. know this stuff is good when your furry child is anxious to see what's in the
See...something for everyone. Glimmer Mist for me & a chew toy for Bella (don't worry...I only let her nip at it a few times then threw it away).

I am really excited to get back in my scrapbook room and start using my new scrappy goodies from Tattered Angels. I have a migraine today so this is about as crafty as I am going to be for today. The plan is to rest up tonight and hit the scrapbook room early tomorrow. 

Have a fantastic Friday evening and be sure to come back tomorrow for another scrappy post : )



  1. Lucky! You've got quite a bunch of new goodies to use. :) Sorry to hear about the migraine, hope you're feeling better! (Bella is so cute, by the way!)


  2. JEALOUS!!!! i just bought some mist too about 2 weeks ago... like the heat gun i am scared to use it!!!! i have a phobia of trying new stuff lol i have no idea why! cant wait to see what you do with those tags!!

    1. How are you feeling right now? You can use some analgesics to lessen the pain. I want those goodies.

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