Thursday, March 21, 2013

CK Convention 2013-Here I Come!!!

Hi long last I'm headed for the 2013 CK Convention in Portland, OR...Woo Hoo!!!

Last year was my first year to go (shocking I know) and I was in awe the moment I walked in and saw the sea of crafting vendors and hundreds of women who share the same love of papercrafting! But most importantly...I get to hang out with my crafting BFF's, Cindy, MaryBeth and Cheryl. Regretfully the other two ladies I've come to know and love can't make it but I want to give them a shout out too so they aren't left out of the love...Yvonne & Ronalie....I wish you ladies could have joined us this year...miss ya!!

So since I will be out of town for 4 days I won't be around to post (yes yes I know I can schedule them out but I've been super busy with DT projects/deadlines and getting ready for the trip) so I thought I would share a video in this post that I put up on my YouTube Channel last week. It's about a mini album I made from chipboard and the Fancy Pants Home For Christmas collection-YES I said Christmas collection BUT you can't tell it's holiday paper which is so cool since I designed it as a family/heriloom mini. Before I post the video, I had to share this photo that was on the CK Convention website...if you look at the very last photo on this flyer, you will see a table with a group of ladies...well that's me with my "Craftin Crew" at last years convention. I'm the one bent over digging in my massive pile of crafty loot I I didn't even know this was on their website until Cheryl told me.

I made this as big as I could so it might be hard to see in this format so here's the link to the actual post: CK Convention What To Know Before The Show here's video I was just telling you about....Fancy Pants~Through The Years Mini...

I plan on taking lots of photos like I did last year and doing a post when I get back and do some videos of all the loot I plan on I'm also going to try and get some short videos of the convention, vendor booths and some of the new products as well. I may even attempt to take some videos with my phone as well. I plan on uploading pics throughout the weekend to my FB as well so watch for those too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I'll see you all next week when I'm back from the convention.

Happy Craftin!!

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