Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Journey the Journal

Hi I have a very special post to share with all of you. Before I begin I do want to state that I have been given permission by my friend (who this post is all about) to share this project and her story with you. 

Last week a co-worker, who is also a very good friend to Steve & I, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She shared her story with the ladies she works with and I have to be honest with you and tell you how heartbreaking it was to hear her tell us this news. Shelly has to be one of the strongest & most positive women I know aside from my own mom, who also battled breast cancer and BEAT IT!!! When Shelly was telling us about her diagnosis and her upcoming treatment, she was so strong and so sure in the path she was taking with her course of treatment. Shelly has a very strong faith in God and that is so very evident in the way she is handling this news. I certainly hope that I can be as strong as she is if I was to ever be faced with this type of diagnosis. 

After she told us her news, I went back to my desk and I immediately knew I wanted to make something for her, a journal to document this "journey" in her life. I couldn't wait to get off work so I could get started. So today's post is all about Shelly and the "My Journey" journal I designed and created for her. I have two videos I made, Part 1 shows you the creative/thought process I went through to create this journal, it's about 11 minutes long, and Part 2 is the actual video showing you the completed journal, it's about 22 minutes long. I will show some of the photos in here as well but I won't show them all since the journal is quite large and you can see it in it's entirety by watching the video. 

Before I post the videos and selection of photos....I want to say to Shelly that Steve & I think the world of you and you have been a friend to us from the very first day we met you. You helped in the planning of our wedding and shared our special day with us. That meant so much to Steve & I so creating this journal for you is just a small thing compared to all that you have done for us. I wanted to be a part of this journey with you in whatever capacity I could...I hope this journal helps you through this process and brings you comfort and provides the outlet you will need to document and record your journey through your battle to beat this cancer. Love you mucho : )

Here is a photo of Shelly with the journal (posted with her permission)
Isn't she beautiful???

Here's the first video, Part 1-this one is me talking and walking you through the creative process for the journal and I also say some words about Shelly...

Here's the second video, Part 2-this one shows the Journal in it's entirety...

Here are a few photos of the journal...

Thanks for letting me share this very special project & Shelly's story. I typically don't "talk" so much in my posts but I just felt it was important to share this with you and explain why I created this and why it's so very special. 

Have a great day friends and be sure to come back for another scrappy post : )


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